Welcome to Consolidated Coatings. Our Company set up in 2011 to supply quality composite materials, sourced from many suppliers and sell them via electronic media such as eBay etc.
To keep prices to an absolute minimum, we have tried to remove the labour component from the sale. Some customers require additional advice and support (not the tradesmen that buy from us, as they know what materials they want and they want them at the cheapest price). The customers that need additional support are those who are new to using composites or others who maybe need just that 'little' extra help? In order to satisfy every ones needs, and at the same time, still keep the cost of labour from the sale, was the very reason that we designed this site.
On our site, we have tried to provide links and other advice on how to use the materials available from us, how much is needed and what safety measures maybe needed in both applying the materials and in disposing of waste. And all without the expense of costly labour and expensive phone calls (big challenge for us!).

Our Operation

We operate out of another Companies warehouses (saves a huge amount on rent), and we generally process orders etc after hours when the other company has finished for the day.
Because we operate in such a low cost way, we are able to offer a limited pick up service.
We realised that in our quest to keep our prices to the absolute minimum (and still stay in business), then we have to continue in a way that gave support.


We decided that if we contracted other companies to supply us as a major customer, in that way then we would get great prices to pass onto our customers and the quality of the materials that we supply would be exactly to the same standard that is being offered by others. We would reduce our labour cost further by purchasing and reselling standard items of a limited range. That range would be dictated by the materials that we could best sell on the market at greatly reduced prices. An example is say a 25mm brush. Compare our price to that of the same quality item sold by hardware stores and you will find that we are nearly one third the price! Not all our goods are as cheap as the example, but most are cheaper.